label........: n/a
date ripped..: 03.14.2007
date released: 00.00.0000
url..........: n/a

release size.: 72,1 MB
encoder......: Lame 3.97 V2
bitrate......: avg. 153kbps
mode.........: Joint-Stereo

tracks.......: 22
source.......: CDDA

ripper.......: n/a

n o t e s

Royal Flush's debut album, Ghetto Millionaire, is a
pedestrian set of hardcore gangsta rap that
occasionally catches fire. Lyrically, Royal Flush's
rhymes have potential, yet their music is too
conventional and predictable to be of much interest to
anyone outside of gangsta fetishists.

d a t a

# t r a c k n a m e t i m e

01- Intro (produced by Royal Flush) [01:05]
02- I Been Gettin' So Much $ [04:05]
(produced by Buckwild)
03- Iced Down Medallions ft. Noreaga [03:29]
(produced by EZ Elpee)
04- Can't Help It (produced by Prince Kaysaan) [03:15]
05- Illiodic Shines ft. Mic Geronimo [04:06]
(produced by Prince Kaysaan)
06- Movin' On Your Weak Productions [03:59]
(produced by Beatminerz)
07- Conflict Intro [00:21]
08- Conflict ft. Wastlanz [03:45]
(produced by Sha Money XL)
09- Shines Intro [00:36]
10- Shines (produced by Hi Tek) [03:18]
11- Family Problems (produced by EZ Elpee) [02:36]
12- What A Shame ft. Noreaga [04:14]
(produced by EZ Elpee)
13- Regulate Intro [00:49]
14- Regulate ft. Mic Geronimo [03:17]
(produced by EZ Elpee)
15- Worldwide (produced by L.E.S.) [03:11]
16- Niggas Night Out ft. Ja Rule [02:51]
(produced by Buckwild)
17- International Currency Intro [00:43]
18- International Currency ft. Wastlanz [04:10]
(produced by Chyskillz)
19- War (produced by Royal Flush) [03:18]
20- Makin' Moves ft. Mic Geronimo [03:32]
(produced by Buckwild)
21- Reppin' ft. Michell Mitchell [04:02]
(produced by L.E.S.)
22- Dead Letter (produced by Low) [04:01]

72,1 m e g s t o t a l [64:43]

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